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Guaranteed Virtual Internships for UK students

Did you know that 85% of employers think graduates need more work experience* – but 83% of international students in the UK are unable to access internships**? With 28% higher starting salaries for graduates with work experience†, it’s no surprise that employers value work experience above all else. That’s why we’re offering a guaranteed Virtual Internship to every INTO student starting a pathway program in the UK from September 2023. Sign your students up today to help them beat the odds and set their CV apart from the crowd. 

Why choose Virtual Internships? 

Virtual Internships guarantee to find students a placement that aligns with their career goals. Students will work remotely, helping to solve real problems in an online work environment, with a range of flexible options to choose from. All they need is a computer with an internet connection.  

Key information  

Length: 4–12 weeks Cost: £1,295   Location: remote, available globally   Dates: flexible, usually during summer break   Hours: 10–30 per week  Terms and conditions:

Frequently asked questions 

Will the Virtual Internship be accessible from all UK pathway programs? 

Yes, Virtual Internships will be accessible from all UK pathway programs. 

Are the placements guaranteed to all students?

Virtual Internships work with over 12,000 companies globally and they guarantee to find placements for all students. If they are unsuccessful in their first or second interview, they will be fully supported until successful in achieving a placement. 

Do employers give a salary to interns?

This is not a paid internship. However, Virtual Internships reports that around 25% of their interns are offered a role or follow up work with their host companies upon completion of their internship. 

How long are Virtual Internships for INTO students?

The Virtual Internship must cover a minimum of 120 hours, which can be spread across 4, 8 or 12 weeks, based on the time a student can dedicate to the program and the needs of the host company. INTO UK Centers have suggested that a four or eight-week program would be preferrable, as this allows students to finish their pathway program and, if required or preferred, return to their home country where they can complete the Virtual Internship. This avoids any student visa compliance issues, if students are unable to renew their student visa for the progression degree/university.

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* Handshake Graduate Employer Priorities Report 2023  

** International Student Employment Outcomes and Satisfaction Report 2019 

† Learning while earning: The New Normal, 2015 

†† HolonIQ 2021