SLU and SUF Madrid campuses

12 April 2023

Madrid, Spain students

Do you know students that want to travel and study in more than one country? Look no further because Saint Louis University and Suffolk University have additional campuses in Madrid, the capital of Spain, where students can experience their courses in a unique way. 

Madrid is a city full of history and is home to many students from all over the world. Students can immerse themselves in a new culture and language while experiencing a brand-new way of studying.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to study in Madrid before making the switch to continue their studies in the US. SLU-Madrid and the Suffolk Madrid campuses offer students to choose from and study numerous courses such as art history, communication, computer science and more. 

SLU-Madrid has 17 undergraduate degrees that can be fully completed at the campus. Those looking to pursue degrees in engineering, biology, nursing or chemistry, for example, can begin their studies in Madrid and then transfer to St. Louis to complete their degrees. 

Suffolk University students can choose to study in Madrid for two years and then transition to Suffolk University in Boston. Students in the Government Department with a major in international relations can choose to fulfill all four years of their undergraduate degree at the Madrid campus. 

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