Supported direct entry admission routes at select university partners

6 December 2023

International students on campus

What are supported direct entry admission routes?

Supported direct entry admission routes provide additional support services designed for international student success; they also offer a degree-seeking I-20.

The best of both worlds

We like to think of these programs as offering the benefits that one would expect from a degree admission combined with the benefits one would expect from the INTO center. Students benefit from both our center’s wraparound support elements with the I-20 status of direct admission.

What programs fall into the supported direct entry category?

International Direct, Master’s International Direct and Integrated Master’s Program are all supported direct entry admissions routes in our portfolio.

Where are these programs available?

  • International Direct is available at Oregon State University (launched in 2020), George Mason University (launched in 2023), The University of Alabama at Birmingham (launched in 2023), Suffolk University (launched in 2023) and Hofstra University (launched in 2023).

  • Master’s International Direct is available at Oregon State University (launched in 2020).

  • The Integrated Master’s Program is available at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (launched in 2020), Drew University (launched in 2020), Suffolk University (launched in 2022) and Hofstra University (launched in 2022).

First-year undergraduate supported direct entry admission route: International Direct

What is International Direct?

International Direct is an undergraduate direct entry admissions route for first-year international students. Students who enroll in International Direct will begin their program as a fully admitted, degree-seeking student. When students enroll in International Direct, they're earning their undergraduate degree with the best of both worlds. They will begin their program like any other first-year student with the added benefit of our international-student-focused support services. Students will receive a direct entry I-20 and can complete their degree with no additional time required.

Benefits of International Direct

  • Guaranteed registration for courses that keep students on track for graduation.

  • A degree-seeking I-20.

  • Access to the same commercial, admissions and academic services that are provided to all INTO students as well as the same academic support and resources provided by the university to all undergraduate students.

  • Study abroad with confidence. International Direct includes additional resources for international students like visa interview preparation, pre-arrival support, airport transportation and more. On campus, students will also receive additional advising and support designed for international student success at a US university.

For more details, download our International Direct guide.

Graduate supported direct entry admission routes: Integrated Master’s Program and Master’s International Direct

What is the Integrated Master’s Program?

The Integrated Master's Program is a supportive degree program that provides additional academic and cultural support customized for international students.

Benefits of the Integrated Master’s Program

  • Straightforward process from application to arrival

    • Students are issued a master’s level I-20 for the full degree of study.

    • Students are guaranteed to continue at the university upon meeting conditions of their degree program.

    • Students receive quick turnaround times on applications.

  • Stress-free arrival and campus life

    • Students have access to full wraparound services including free airport transportation, tutoring, academic advising, arrival orientation and more.

    • Students are eligible for on-campus housing.

    • Students have access to all university and INTO on-campus resources, classrooms and facilities.

  • Standardized costs and scholarships

    • Students are eligible for the same scholarship levels as Graduate Pathway Programs and for the same duration.

    • Students are charged a single program cost that includes all support services.

    • Access to the same commercial, admissions and academic services that are provided to all INTO students as well as the same academic support and resources provided by the university to all graduate students.

For more details, download our Integrated Master’s Program (IMP) guide.

For more details, download our Integrated Master's guide.

What is Master’s International Direct?

Master’s International Direct provides non-competitive degree admission to a select set of Oregon State master’s degrees coupled with academic and advising support during a student’s first term. MID programs lead to professional degrees such as a master of engineering (MEng), professional science master’s (PSM) or master of science in business (MSB). MID students take a class focused on international graduate student success in their first term. This class is credited, but does not count towards the degree.

Benefits of Master’s International Direct

  • Degree-seeking I-20 issued to admitted students

  • Individualized advising and guided registration

  • Personalized study plan for on-track graduation

  • Simplified application process and short turnaround for offers

  • Academic support resources and INTO Oregon State Culture and Language Advisors

  • Additional scholarships and financial accommodations

For more details, visit our website.