Updated naming conventions: what’s new with INTO pathways?

23 February 2023

Updated naming conventions: what’s new with INTO pathways?

A new name for postgraduate pathways 

We’re making some changes to how we present our postgraduate routes – all Graduate Diploma programs will now be known as Pre-Master's. Please note that changes to external marketing materials, assets and Partner Portal/INTO Study have begun to be implemented but will take place gradually. However, changes relating to offer letters/Salesforce data are live at the time of writing. 

The program content remains the same, so entry requirements, progression degrees, module information and progression requirements are unaffected by this update. 

The course title, as it appears in offer letters, will follow the format ‘Pre-Masters – Subject X (Graduate Diploma)’ for most programs. 4-term programs will maintain the ‘with Pre-sessional English’ suffix.  

Accelerated and Extended program updates 

Going forward, the terms ‘Accelerated’ and ‘Extended’ will no longer be used in marketing materials to refer to 2- and 4-term programs. These pathways will now be referred to as 2-term (2T) and 4-term (4T). These changes will be implemented across marketing materials in the coming weeks. 

For both Pre-Master's (formerly Graduate Diploma) and Single-CAS undergraduate programs, you will still see ‘with Pre-sessional English’ for 4T programs, due to compliance requirements. 

Why have we made these changes? 

Our goal is to ensure consistency and transparency across our programs and variations. We also wish to align our language with terminology used in-market. By implementing these changes, we can ensure our provision is consistent, clear and easy to understand across the INTO UK network.