The new and enhanced INTO North America’s offer letter

10 November 2023

Students posing

INTO North America’s offer letter has undergone a transformation, one that features a simpler design and messaging. These updated offer letters prioritize a more accessible, user-friendly and informative outline that allows students to make well-informed decisions about their academic future. 

The new offer letter experience recognizes that students have diverse academic goals. In response to this, the offer letters now include degree-specific information. This provides students with a particular focus on their future educational goals. 

The offer letter itself is shorter and more focused. Any automatic scholarships received by the student at the time of admission will be on the first page. Students can also easily find a link to schedule a call with the center if they have questions or want to connect with someone on campus. 

Several forms and documents that students need to confirm for their place and journey to campus will now be in one simple online location that you can access at any time. For additional information, check out our digital next steps pages that are linked within when students receive their offer letters: