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Academic English

DREW University

The Academic English program at INTO Drew University prepares international students for university study in the US. The academically rigorous program provides international students with high-quality English language instruction and the academic skills to succeed at Drew University.

NEW: Academic English 2.0 Our updated Academic English program features:

  • Guaranteed study plan: placement assurance based on qualifying scores within a year of program start
  • Tracked progress: steady advancement at each level (approximately 10 TOEFL/.5 IELTS points per semester)
  • Improved level transfer: portability of levels across our US partners
  • Academic study plan calculator: input your program and English scores to receive an estimated study plan indicating your study duration

Key Facts

Academic Requirements

High school diploma required

English Language Requirements

No English language requirement; students will be assessed and placed upon arrival.

Start Dates

15 May 2024

18 August 2024

15 January 2025

21 May 2025

Tuition Fee

From: $7,168

Key Information

Program highlights include:

  • Intensive English to prepare for university study
  • Academic advising throughout the program
  • Small classes of 20 students
  • Highly-trained and experienced instructors
  • Participation in the Conversation Partners Program

Program Details

Academic English

DREW University