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Campus life at the Montclair State University


Montclair prides itself on being a truly welcoming community.

From our campus in Montclair, New Jersey, you'll have:

  • easy access to international flights in New York City and Newark, New Jersey

  • two on-campus train stations

  • meals that cater to international tastes

  • fast-paced academic life with compassionate faculty to guide you from orientation to graduation

Enjoy your favorite cuisines on campus

Your on-campus dining experience at the Montclair State University includes:

  • global street food stations

  • vegetarian, vegan and allergen-sensitive options

  • one 24/7 dining venue

  • on-campus delivery service

And the dining options don't end there. Just outside of campus you'll find plenty of additional places to eat, drink and socialize.

Elevated Thinking. Elevated Programs.

Combined computer science degrees Combine a degree in computer science with cybersecurity and data science, and graduate with knowledge across multiple fast-growing fields.

STEM-designated MBA Our STEM-designated MBA program allows student to quality for the STEM-designated OPT extension. This means international students can work in the US for up to three years.

One-year graduate business programs Our STEM-designated MBA and graduate business analytics program both have options where you can complete your degree within one year.