Your courses at Saint Louis University

At SLU, we offer several routes to admission, including direct entry for students who meet the specified degree program entry requirements, and specialist pathways for those who need to boost their academic or English language skills. With nearly 97 bachelor’s degrees and over 125 graduate programs, flexible study plans and start dates throughout the year, we’ll help you find the degree program that’s right for you.

Note: Certain classes like labs may have additional fees included. Additionally, particular programs may have additional entry requirements or prerequisites like auditions or portfolios.


Direct Entry

Direct Entry is the standard university admission route to apply directly to a degree program.

Transfer Program

Undergraduate Transfer Program (UTP) is a customized study plan that offers academic, cultural and language support to international students who will be transferring college credit across to their degree.

Academic English

Our Academic English program prepares you for your university degree by improving your English language skills and providing the tools needed to succeed at a US university. Learn from our qualified faculty with academic and professional experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Better yet, you will have the chance to practice your English during your everyday life with native English speakers. Throughout your program, you will receive customized support for international student success.