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Agent Accelerator Program

Welcome to our INTO Agent Accelerator Program! Within these pages we have a selection of training modules which will give you key information needed to sell INTO’s products in the UK. 

Completing all training modules is mandatory for all INTO contracted agents.

Throughout this training, you will be able to: 

  • Learn about the INTO application process and understand how to use available tools to help students apply successfully to their desired programme. 

  • Understand the UK education system including UK visa guidance to support students. 

  • Explore INTO’s UK centres and access marketing assets to help counsel students. 

How to complete your training 

Select a section in the left-hand menu to navigate through various modules of the training programme. Once you are on a section page, you will find links to eLearning modules. Click on these links to begin your training.  

At the beginning of each module, you will need to complete a short form to unlock the activity. Within this form you will need to enter personal details including your Agent URN. Once you have completed the activity there will be another short form for you to fill in. 

Roadmap Infographic