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Scholarships at CSU: we support you

At Colorado State University, we offer different scholarships to help fund your studies. Whether you are applying for an undergraduate degree or graduate degree, there are a variety of scholarships available. See how we can help you achieve your academic goals:

Do I qualify for a scholarship?

To find out whether you are eligible to apply, you'll need to take a look at the requirements for each individual scholarship. If you are not eligible for one particular scholarship, there may be another you can apply for instead.

What types of scholarship are available?

International Undergraduate Scholarships

For information on CSU Merit-Based scholarships visit the CSU scholarships page.

Maximum value



Undergraduate students will be considered on a combination of outstanding grades (GPA), challenging coursework, and demonstrate strong engagement in extracurricular involvement.

Scholarships are renewable each year with good academic standing at CSU.

How much money is on offer?

The amount of money available through scholarships can vary. Remember that a scholarship will only cover some of your tuition fees. You will still have to fund your remaining tuition fees and your accommodation, insurance, visa and other living costs in full.

What is the process of applying for a scholarship?

Students must submit a completed CSU application for scholarship consideration. No additional scholarship application is required. For full details, including deadlines, visit:

Apply and take your first step towards a scholarship