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George Mason University: Unlock Washington, DC, career connections 

George Mason University is a top-ranked public university in Fairfax County, Virginia. Situated just 24 km from Washington, DC, Mason is at the forefront of innovation and industry, creating connections where culture, tech, business and government meet. 

Why choose George Mason University? 

  • Study policy and global affairs only a short metro ride from Washington, DC, the nation’s center for legislation and diplomacy. 

  • Intern with a Fortune 500 company, or launch your tech career with Amazon, Microsoft, Google or one of the other 15,600 tech firms in the East Coast’s top tech talent market.  

  • Work with federal agencies, public health departments or nongovernmental health organizations.  

  • 81% of international graduates have seen positive career outcomes, according to the Career Outcomes Data: Class of 2021

Living in Fairfax, Virginia